POSERS joins forces with The S Agency!!

Yes! The rumors are true! POSERS and The S Agency have become partners!! What does this mean…well a few things:

1.) The S Agency will be present at all the POSERS shows, scouting new talent, meeting with established dances and choreographers, and even bringing some VIP guests along to view the show who may be interested in hiring talent.

2.) ALL, yes all, pieces performed at POSERS will be on file at The S Agency at all times and will be available for Artists and Artists Management to view and purchase as a package deal. For example, lets say Beyonce want’s to hire talent for a new music video. She can go to The S Agency, pull up all the videos from “POSERS presents Beyonce”, and choose a routine, choreographer, and dancers all from the comfort of a comfy couch in The S Agency, no 3 day long auditions, no long rehearsal times, and no searching through thousands of video submissions for a choreographer. Everything will be available right there, in the office, ready to go.

3.) The S Agency is not only allowing POSERS to be a “branch” within the agency by keeping all of our videos on file and coming to the shows, they are also representing POSRES as a full length show in and of itself. Our hopes being that one day POSERS will be sold to a huge venue (for example a hotel in Las Vegas) and we can have a multifaceted company. Imagine a dance company that has a live show which trains choreographers and dancers to work for and with music artists, can represents dancers and choreographers in turn booking them work, AND has a full length show performing 5 nights a week 2 shows a night which would create even more jobs for the dance industry…a perfect blend!

Nothing like this, in the history of dance agencies, has ever been attempted and frankly, we’re a bit surprised! Why? Because it’s sort of brilliant! This could potentially change the way dancers and choreographers book work and the possibilites are endless! The S Agency and POSERS don’t just stop at booking talent for artists we also book for industrials, trade conventions, private events, etc. We are taking over the dance industry!

We here at POSERS are SO EXCITED to be partnering up with The S Agency!! Only great things will come from this partnership! So please join us in welcoming The S Agency to the POSERS family!!!