Welcome to the 8 count!

The 8 Count is a choreography challenge from the creators of Posers. Contestants will take to the Posers stage to compete for a chance to win the grand prize of $1000!

The 8 Count Choreography Challenge will occur only 4 times per year and falls on the 4th Wednesday of the month only on months that have 5 Wednesdays in them.

Each challenge will have a separate theme, contestants have creative freedom as long as they stay within the theme.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to submit for the show, however, contestants may be denied entry if the creators of The 8 Count feel their work needs improvement.

Please read through all of the information below before submitting as contestants will be disqualified if ALL of the rules and conditions are not met.

The Challenge

The challenge for this contest is Trick or Treat.

Contestants will be challenged to choreograph a piece that matches the challenge of the contest. Make sure to stick to the current theme as it counts for 1/10 of the score.

The Rules

No Two Choreographers may use the same artist/song. Artists and songs will be claimed on a first come basis. Choreographers using duplicate artists or songs will be disqualified.

Pieces may not be more than 6 minutes in length. There is a 3 song maximum for mixes. Pieces longer than 6 minutes or using more than 3 songs will be disqualified.

The total number of contestants is limited to 16. Contestants are first come first serve assuming their work is considered ready for competition by the creators. If the number of contestants drops below 6 (5 or less) the competition will be cancelled.

Registration Fee: The fee to register your piece is $50, however, if you have successfully choreographed for a Posers piece within the past 3 months your fee will be waived.

Tech Rehearsals: Tech Rehearsals will be held the day of the show between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm. All choreographers will get 20 minutes to stage and run through their piece. If you miss your time slot you will forfeit your Tech Rehearsal. Additional time will not be awarded.

Music: Music MUST be in .mp3 format. Music in any other format (.m4a, .wav, .mov, apple music links, google play links) will not be accepted. Music must be high quality, no lower than 128 kbps, music downloaded from YouTube will not be accepted.

Props: Any and all props must be cleared with either Scott or Dexter. Props will not be allowed if they may interfere with another choreographers piece (for example: water used in a piece may make dancers in the next piece slip and fall). Exceptions will be made if a clean up team is provided by the choreographer.

Voting: Voting will be calculated as follows – there will be 5 judges, each judges vote will count for 10 points. The audiences vote (by show of applause) will account for 50 points. In the event of a tie, the final vote will fall to the host of the show who will choose between the two top contestants.

Dropping: If you drop you piece with less than a week (7 days) notice you will not be allowed to register for the next 6 months. Registration fees are non refundable for pieces dropped with less than a weeks (7 days) notice. For example: if you drop your piece 8 days out from the competition you will be refunded, however, if you drop your piece 6 days out from the competition you will not be refunded.

Plagiarism: Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Any contestant caught plagiarizing another persons work will be disqualified.


Please fill out the form below. Include your resume and a link to your choreography reel and/or YouTube channel.